Food Safety and HACCP

To ensure the highest standards of food safety for our customers, we are HACCP compliant and we follow Good Manufacturing Practices. Our facility is audited annually by a third party organization to certify that these standards are continuously being met. We’re flexible enough to accommodate any size order while keeping the product the same, order after order. Our extensive library of spices and ingredients comes from only the most reputable suppliers and we buy local whenever possible.

Yes, we are passionate creators of delicious fresh sauce!

Whether we’re making fresh sauce for our loyal Cucina Fresca retail customers, or for our foodservice customers like Whole Foods Market, Safeco Field, or Steve and Kate’s Camp, we do it the same, every time. From scratch, in small batches, using fresh, high quality ingredients, and from our culinary facility in Seattle.

So, how’s it work?

Chef Brad Glaberson and his team reproduce your recipe or develop one with you. Once a recipe has been produced, tasted, and approved (usually between 1-4 weeks), then we’re ready to produce your first purchase order. Lead-time for the first full production run is 14-17 days; subsequent lead times are 9-14 days depending on direct delivery or distributor pick-up. Minimum runs are 500 pounds. We specialize in fresh sauces, not shelf stable, so sauces are meant to be stored refrigerated or frozen.

What now?

Send us message to with more information about your needs, and we will promptly reply!